Xan Padrón

MTA Arts & Design Program in NYC

I’m excited to share this news with all of you: as you might know, my Time Lapse Project is about how much life happens on a single spot, and I couldn’t think of a better place to show it than a wall in the subway system of NYC...

MTA Arts & Design commissions dynamic contemporary art for subway and commuter rail stations, creating memorable and lively environments for travelers:

"Xan Padrón’s Photography Lightbox exhibition “Time-Lapse” is now on view at 42 St-Bryant Park station. Combining street photography with a sensibility rooted in modern art, seven images document the small, collective gestures of daily life in the ecosystem of a city. To develop each artwork, Padrón took photographs of people passing in front of the same wall over a period of two hours. Through digital manipulation, the colorful vignettes create a portrait of a distinct day and place. Quotidien moments from Chinatown, the Hudson River Park, the Flatiron District, Tribeca, Midtown, Greenwich Village and the West Village, are represented in a film-strip-like arrangement, implying motion and narrative. A color field is derived from a repeating background, and repetition of form draws the eye to details that provide context to the images, such as the presence of masks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic or speckles of water during a rainy day. While the exhibition focuses on Manhattan, the artist has used this approach to create photographs of cities worldwide, including London, Beijing, Sydney, Trinidad, Berlin, Paris, and Medellín.
The exhibition is generously sponsored by DUGGAL NYC and KODAK PROFESSIONAL  

MTA Arts & Design