Xan Padrón

Time-Lapse (ENG)

In 2011, photographer Xan Padrón began his series Time-Lapse. His fascination with time and movement along with his ability to disappear behind his camera led him to reflect about how much life happens in the supposedly most insignificant places of a city.

Time-Lapse are human portraits of cities around the world. They are also quotidian expressions, that combined, create a unique narrative of life on a wall, in a place in the world. 

Time-Lapse is a place, a moment. 

For Xan Padrón, the voluntary detention of movement where action becomes an observation led him to center himself on a completely different vision from his street photography, documenting the ecosystem of cities and finding beauty through pause and through the small, collective gestures of daily life.

In Time-Lapse, Xan Padrón places his camera in an unnoticed space, and during the space of two hours, he photographs a sequence of people passing before a unique wall. Time-Lapse is a living project that includes sociological portraits of cities like New York, London, Beijing, Sydney, Trinidad, Berlin, Paris, or Medellín.

*The Time-Lapse project has been exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, at the Pfizer Building in New York, and at the art fairs Photo LA, Art on Paper NYC, and The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art in London, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In addition to the cover of the autumn catalog of Saatchi Art (2019), international publications like the New England Review (NER), Die Zeit Magazine (Germany), PRISM International (Canada), and Photo World Magazine (China), Xan Padrón’s Time-Lapses were selected for the Art on Link program (#ArtOnLink) in New York City (LinkNYC, CityBridge 2020), reaching more than 1,700 digital kiosks citywide.

In 2019, the project was awarded third place at the CENTER Editor’s Choice Award selected by MaryAnne Golon, director of photography at The Washington Post.