Xan Padrón

Group Exhibitions. Spring 2024

Holden Luntz Gallery (Palm Beach, FL)

Rhythms of the City
APRIL 20 – JUNE 22, 2024

“The bustling metropolises of Paris, London, and New York stand as iconic symbols of human civilization, each with a unique cultural, historical, and architectural identity. Photographers have long been drawn to these cities, seeking to capture the vibrant rhythms and intricate patterns that define urban life. This exhibition delves into the works of photographers who use these cities as their subjects, exploring the interplay between the rhythms of the city, the patterns it weaves, and the dynamic relationship between architecture and inhabitants. This exhibition showcases the works of classic photographers like Berenice Abbott, Andreas Feininger, Andre Kertesz, Bruce Davidson, Edouard Boubat, Louis Stettner, Robert Doisneau, and Sabine Weiss, as well as the work of contemporary photographers such as Stephen Wilkes, Xan Padron, and Michael Massaia.”


Delamour Gallery (Paris, France)

DELAMOUR Contemporary Art

Opening of the Paris Branch of DELAMOUR Contemporary Art Gallery
Works by Pascal Pierme, Xan Padrón, Josquin Pouillon, and Corinne Mariaud
53 rue de Seine 75006 Paris MORE INFO:

All Street Gallery (New York, NY)
APRIL 18- MAY 16

Inhale the Exhaust
“Group exhibition of artworks by Kiki Joyce, Xan Padron , Larry Dobens, Liz Johnson, Vickie Byron, Katrina Slavik, K Sarrantonio, Young Grace Cho, Jodie Niss, Stephanie Tager, Lu Gao, Benny Cruz, and Jenniferm Saftler. The show features works spanning oil painting, textiles, photography, and found object sculpture. Through various mediums, the exhibiting artists explore New York’s “lived in” moments, examining the city from within, honoring the seconds of pause and chance encounters that truly define New York City.”